June 10, 2020

Virtual Transatlantic Forum

Invite Only

Zoom Meeting

The French-American Foundation hosted a virtual meeting of the Transatlantic Forum on June 10 at 6:00pm ET. The event featured Dr. Anaïs Rameau, Assistant Professor of Otolaryngology at Weill Cornell Medical College and Transatlantic Forum member, and Dr. Gloria Fung Chaw, General Internal Medicine Physician at Montefiore Medical Center, to discuss their experience as medical professionals during COVID-19. The meeting was moderated by Rachele Haber-Thomson, Co-Founder of Blue Dot and member of the Transatlantic Forum.

Anaïs Rameau: Anaïs Rameau is assistant professor of otolaryngology – head and neck surgery at the Sean Parker Institute for the Voice, at Weill Cornell Medicine. Prior to joining Cornell, Dr. Rameau trained at Stanford University where she established the groundwork of her current clinical practice and research.

Gloria Fung Chaw: Gloria Fung Chaw is an internal medicine physician working as a primary care doctor in the south Bronx. She teaches residents from the Primary Care and Social Medicine Residency program and also serves as the Associate Director of the Global Health and Clinical Skills Fellowship program.

Rachele Haber-Thomson: Rachele is a social entrepreneur, impact investor, and start-up advisor. She is the Co-Founder of Blue Dot, a sustainable promotional products company that is challenging the $24.7 billion industry to consider their supply chain and environmental impacts of the products they produce.

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