September 24, 2024

Transatlantic Forum Dinner: “Bipartisan Perspectives: Navigating the U.S. Presidential Elections”

TBD - Invite Only

Join us for an enlightening evening at the “Bipartisan Perspectives: Navigating the U.S. Presidential Elections” dinner, hosted by the French-American Foundation’s Transatlantic Forum. This event promises to offer a unique exploration of the upcoming U.S. Presidential elections through a bipartisan lens.

Our distinguished speakers, Douglas Heye and Tracy Sefl, seasoned political strategists from the Republican and Democratic camps, respectively, will delve into the complexities of the U.S. political landscape. Doug, with his rich experience as a former communications director at the Republican National Committee, and Tracy, known for her advisory role in Democratic campaigns, will provide contrasting insights that highlight the multifaceted nature of American politics.

This forum dinner will not only shed light on the strategic maneuvers within each party but also foster a deeper understanding of the bipartisan issues that influence U.S. electoral politics. The discussion will be moderated by a member of our forum, ensuring a balanced and comprehensive dialogue.

Whether you’re a political aficionado, a professional in the field of international relations, or simply interested in the broader implications of U.S. elections on global affairs, this event will offer valuable perspectives to enrich your understanding.

Join us for an evening of robust discussion, networking, and gourmet dining, as we dissect the strategies and expectations of the upcoming presidential race. This is an opportunity not to be missed for those looking to gain a deeper insight into one of the most watched electoral processes in the world.

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