November 09, 2022

Transatlantic Forum


On November 9, the Foundation will host a Transatlantic Forum in-person.


Founded in 2018, the Transatlantic Forum is an invitation-only membership group that brings together French and American emerging leaders for in-depth conversations on contemporary issues of concern on both sides of the Atlantic.

The program aims to provide a deeper understanding of the forces shaping both American and French societies in a warm, convivial atmosphere that fosters lasting friendships. Our goal is to create a community that is informed, open-minded and committed to engaging personally on issues of critical import to the U.S. – France relationship. Our members cross nationalities and professional fields: government, media, non-profit, academia, business, law, finance, the arts, and more. In general, half are American and half are French. Forum members share a passion for debate and a desire to engage across cultures to help build a more peaceful and unified world.


The Transatlantic Forum meets every four to six weeks from September through June. The format is a seated dinner or cocktail event in Manhattan (locations will vary), with a guest speaker presentation followed by a Q&A session. Discussions are moderated by Forum members.

Application Process

Candidates interested in joining the Transatlantic Forum should contact Nathalie Bastin at for more information. Thank you!