November 13, 2019

Politics, Voting Methods, and the 2020 Presidential Race

New York City - Invite Only

Transatlantic Forum

The French-American Foundation hosted its monthly Transatlantic Forum in New York City on the topic the 2020 presidential elections with American political strategist Sheila Nix.

Sheila Nix: Sheila Nix is an American political strategist, most recently serving as Chief of Staff to Dr. Jill Biden. She is currently the President of Tusk Philanthropies where she leads efforts to dramatically increase voter turnout and participation in U.S. elections through mobile voting. She has coordinated successful pilots in West Virginia, Denver and Utah County that allowed some voters, including deployed military members, to vote by using a blockchain based mobile voting application that increases security and ease of voting.  Sheila’s role also includes supporting Tusk’s clients with an array of political, communication and regulatory issues. Previously, she served as a Deputy Assistant to President Obama, was Chief of Staff to Vice President Biden on the 2012 re-election campaign, helped develop policies as Deputy Governor of Illinois and Chief of Staff to two U.S. Senators, and coordinated resources to fight poverty and disease in Sub-Saharan Africa as the U.S. Executive Director of Bono’s ONE Campaign.

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