November 01, 2017
8:00 AM

“The Macron effect”

The Links- 36 East 62nd Street, New York City - RSVP

with Renaud Dutreil

On November 1st, the French-American Foundation hosted a breakfast event with special guest Renaud Dutreil, Chairman of FTI Consulting – Strategic Communications France and former minister in the French cabinet under President Chirac. Drawing on his experiences in politics and business, he led a discussion of Emmanuel Macron’s presidency in France and his impact around the globe.

Dutreil addressed a series of topics ranging from France’s economy to international security. He talked about the importance of psychology in the economic growth of France, arguing that the trust that many in the country have in Macron has been beneficial to its economic growth since the start of his presidency. Furthermore, he examined the disparities between the economic hubs of major cities and the lack of job opportunities in suburban and rural areas. He then linked economic stability to security threats by arguing that improving the financial opportunities in lower-income areas could help reduce the radicalization of individuals throughout the country.

The group ended with analyzing his presidency from an international perspective. Dutreil suggested that for those who believe that the UK has hindered the growth of continental Europe, Brexit was beneficial for the European Union. In addition, Dutreil raised the subject of changing roles of political parties in Europe and the potential of a growing relationship between France and Germany.

The interest in France’s presidency underscores its growing significance in international affairs. Dutreil argued that Macron will continue to play an important role in the economic and political relationships between countries, which has been supported by recent events such as Macron’s intermediary role between the US and Iran at the UN General Assembly.[1]

The breakfast provided an enlightening perspective for the group of participants interested in French-American relations.


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