April 24, 2024

Europe’s Choice: Perspectives on the EU Parliamentary Elections

Invite Only

Join the French-American Foundation for an exclusive, invite-only panel discussion on “Europe’s Choice: Perspectives on the EU Parliamentary Elections” that promises to illuminate the forthcoming European Union parliamentary elections. This event, reserved for Transatlantic Forum members, Board members, Young Leaders, and friends of the Foundation, will feature a panel of renowned experts who will delve into the pivotal challenges and opportunities that the EU faces in this critical electoral moment.

Our panelists, including esteemed figures from the realms of academia, policy, and strategic analysis, will provide a comprehensive overview of the current political landscape in Europe, offering insights into the implications of the elections for both the EU and transatlantic relations.

This thought-provoking discussion will not only enhance your understanding of European political dynamics but also foster engaging dialogue among peers who share a vested interest in transatlantic affairs.

Our Expert Panelists: Featuring Tara Varma, noted for her expertise in European policy and recent contributions before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee; Hans Kundnani, a respected voice in European affairs with a keen understanding of political dynamics; and Mathieu Droin, specializing in strategic, geopolitical, security, and defense matters.

Engaging Topics: Discussions will span critical issues such as climate change, energy dependence, the far-right movement in Europe, and the security and defense of Europe’s borders, among others.

This exclusive, invite-only event is reserved for Forum members, FAF Board members, Young Leaders, and friends of the Foundation. It represents a unique opportunity to gain deeper insights into the evolving political landscape of Europe and its implications for transatlantic relations.

For more information, please contact Cindy Klarwasser (cklarwasser@frenchamerican.org).

Our Speakers:

Tara Varma, Visiting Fellow – Foreign Policy, Center on the United States and EuropeTara Varma is a visiting fellow in the Center of the United States and Europe at Brookings. Her research focus includes current French security proposals in the European framework, as well as ongoing efforts to materialize European sovereignty in traditional and non-traditional security fields. Varma is also interested in the growing nexus between domestic and foreign policies inside the European Union, and in Indo-Pacific security and the role Europeans could play in it.

Until December 2022, she was a senior policy fellow and the head of the Paris office of the European Council on Foreign Relations, where she followed French foreign policy and European and Asian security developments. In 2022, she was part of the working group on the French European Council presidency, set up by the French Foreign Ministry, which led to the publication of a report entitled “A Europe for Today and Tomorrow: Sovereignty, Solidarity, Shared Identity.” The report included a number of recommendations on how to strengthen Europe’s strategic autonomy and how to bridge the gap between France’s ambitions for Europe and a form of “soft Euroskepticism” borne by a growing part of the French population. In November 2023, Varma was awarded the honor of Knight of the National Order of Merit of France.

Varma’s recent publications include “‘We lost an opportunity to listen to you’: Why Macron is embracing Eastern Europe,” “Unrest in France challenges Macron’s ambitions,” and “Macron Put the Spotlight on Europe’s Disjointed China Policy” (with Sophia Besch). She has been quoted in The New York Times, The Washington Post, Foreign Policy, Le Monde, and more, appears regularly on France24, and is a frequent guest on the Center for a New American Security’s “Brussels Sprouts” podcast. Varma has previously worked and lived in Shanghai, London, New Delhi, and Paris. She has a master’s degree in international relations from Sciences Po Lille (2011) and a Masters of Science in international politics from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) (2011), with a focus on Asian politics and Indian and Chinese foreign policies.

Mathieu Droin is a visiting fellow in the Europe, Russia, and Eurasia Program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), where he focuses on transatlantic European security and defense. Prior to joining CSIS, Mr. Droin served as deputy head of the strategic affairs unit at the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs (MFA), where his work focused on NATO, EU Common Security and Defence Policy, and maritime security issues. Prior to working at the MFA, Mr. Droin worked for the Ministry of Economy and Finance in the economic departments of the French embassies in Kuwait, Iraq, and the United Arab Emirates. Mr. Droin holds a master’s degree in international affairs analysis from Sciences Po Bordeaux and Sciences Po Lyon.

Hans Kundnani is a visiting fellow at the Remarque Institute at New York University and an Open Society Foundations Ideas Workshop fellow. He was previously the director of the Europe programme at the Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House) in London, a senior Transatlantic fellow at the German Marshall Fund of the United States, and research director at the European Council on Foreign Relations. He is the author of three books: Eurowhiteness. Culture, Empire and Race in the European Project (London: Hurst, 2023); The Paradox of German Power (London/New York: Hurst/Oxford University Press, 2014), which has been translated into German, Italian, Japanese, Korean and Spanish; and Utopia or Auschwitz. Germany’s 1968 Generation and the Holocaust (London/New York: Hurst/Columbia University Press, 2009).