November 30, 2021
toDecember 02, 2021

Cyber security conference: building confidence in digital transformation

Invite Only

Every year since 2014, and in collaboration with the French-American Foundation–France, the Cyber Security Conference assembles senior defense officials based in France and the U.S. to discuss the most pertinent cyber security challenges on both sides of the Atlantic. Each conference is designed around a specific theme in light of the most pressing concerns at the time: last year’s conference addressed cyber security and remote work; cyber security responses to the pandemic; election security; malware and ransomware attacks; transatlantic critical infrastructure; and more. More information about last year’s conference can be found here.

A series of panel discussions this year will explore the roles and responsibilities of government, organizations and individuals in cyber security. Panel topics include protection of critical infrastructure, ransomware response, and disinformation on social media, as well as a broader discussion on transatlantic cooperation in cyber security.