January 09, 2019

The Age of Artificial Intelligence

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Transatlantic Forum

The Age of AI: Artificial Intelligence’s looming disruptions on politics, business, and society

With the advance of AI technology in business, cyber security, and more, dialogue surrounding its practical and ethical use has become an important topic for France and the United States. Debates have arisen on topics from job security to its conceivable uses by government entities. The French-American Foundation hosted Dr. Colin McCormick (2012 Young Leader, Partner & Chief Technologist at Valence Strategic, and Adjunct Associate Professor at the Georgetown University Walsh School of Foreign Service), to lead a discussion on its potential “looming disruption” on both sides of the Atlantic in government, industry, and everyday life.

Dr. Colin McCormick: Dr. Colin McCormick is a technologist and data scientist based in Washington, DC. Trained as an experimental physicist, he has a wide range of experience in data science, computer vision, energy technology, and science and technology policy. Colin’s research currently focuses on the applications of computer vision and artificial intelligence to a range of transportation and environmental technologies. In this capacity, he has worked with the World Resources Institute, the World Bank, the Global Green Growth Institute, Columbia University, and satellite imagery startup SpaceNinja. He is also a passionate educator and teaches AI policy and environmental sensing at the Georgetown University Walsh School of Foreign Service.

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