October 17, 2023
toOctober 22, 2023

2023 Young Leaders Seminar in Strasbourg

Strasbourg, France - Invite Only

In collaboration with our sister Foundation in Paris, we are delighted to announce that, this year, the 2023 Young Leaders seminar will take place in Strasbourg, France – with one night in Paris – from Tuesday, October 17 to Sunday, October 22.

Founded in 1981, the Young Leaders program convenes a vibrant and highly selective group of French and American professionals whose common link is their demonstrated leadership and passion for forging bonds in a globalized world.

Young Leaders, hailing from a diverse array of sectors, attend two 5-day seminars over the course of two years, one year in France and one year in the United States, typically taking place in October. Participants come together to engage in pertinent dialogue around issues of common concern for France and the US, meet with local and global experts, and build lasting relationships with one another.

The Foundation covers the travel and lodging expenses of the Young Leaders for the two seminars. After two years as Young Leaders, participants join an active community of alumni who attend and organize events, use the network to develop professionally, and maintain ties across the Atlantic.

Learn more about past Young Leaders seminars and events.

For more information on the Young Leaders program, please click here or contact emcgehee@frenchamerican.org.