September 17, 2019
toSeptember 18, 2019

Emerging Cyber Space Challenges: From 5G Security Risks to Social Media Governance

Washington, DC - Invite Only

Cyber Security Conference

Each year, the Cyber Security Conference assembles senior defense officials based in France and the US to discuss the most pertinent cyber security challenges on both sides of the Atlantic. The 2019 conference, titled “Emerging Cyberspace Challenges: From 5G Security Risks to Social Media Governance,” will take place on September 17 and 18 in Washington, DC.

Participants will explore current cyberspace debates around the development of physical infrastructure and the management of digital content. On physical infrastructure, the dominant question is whether Chinese companies such as Huawei should be creating this global infrastructure and what inherent dangers that may pose. On the management of digital content, the dominant debates concern who holds the responsibility and authority to act against harmful misinformation and malicious manipulation in cyberspace. A list of participating organizations from last year’s conference can be found here.

The 2019 Cyber Security Conference will be the sixth consecutive conference of its kind at the French-American Foundation. Last year, the conference examined questions surrounding identity in cyberspace, notably the balance of ensuring security in cyberspace and protection personal information and privacy. More information about the 2018 seminar can be found here.

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