“Europe Decided: Analyzing the Outcomes of the EU Parliamentary Elections”

June 12, 2024

The webinar “Europe Decided: Analyzing the Outcomes of the EU Parliamentary Elections,” was successfully hosted by the French-American Foundation, beginning with opening remarks from Cindy Klarwasser, Program Manager at the Foundation. The discussion was moderated by Marie-Barbe Girard, a member of the Transatlantic Forum. 

The speakers addressed the European election results, which showed a slightly improved voter turnout compared to five years ago, with more than half of Europeans participating. The election has had significant implications for several member states, particularly France. The initial analysis highlighted a conservative tilt in the EU Parliament, with a strong centrist majority maintaining its position.   

Tara Varma contributed insights into the potential reelection of the EU Commission president, emphasizing the continuity within the Commission despite fluctuating political currents across Europe. Hans Kundnani discussed the far-right’s performance, noting that while their success did not meet inflated expectations, their influence continues to grow with each election. He pointed out that the European Council remains unaffected by these results, as it is shaped by national elections rather than EU-wide polls.   

Mathieu Droin discussed the implications for Europe’s foreign policy, suggesting that the election results do not endorse current strategies and highlighted that ruling parties faced defeats in 17 out of 27 member countries. This indicates a significant shift in public sentiment, driven partly by protest votes.   

The webinar also touched upon the shaping of political debate by the far-right, their influence in the European Parliament, and the potential for forming a defense commission. The discussion concluded with a consideration of France’s political landscape post-elections, speculating on the possibilities of forming German-style coalitions between the left and right, reflecting the complex and evolving political environment in Europe.  

The webinar provided a thorough analysis of the EU elections, examining the broader implications for European politics and governance. The full recording of the webinar can be found on our YouTube channel here