Equality of Opportunity in Education and Employment

March 1, 2007

French and American Perspectives

This comprehensive report of the French-American Foundation Equality of Opportunity Program’s activities was the first of its kind published. Written by Shanny Peer, then Director of the French-American Foundation, the report is primarily a comprehensive brief of the policy discussions held during the Inaugural Program Seminar held at NYU in November 2006.

This discussion brought together French and American scholars with a select group of policy makers to engage in an in-depth dialogue about discrimination, segregation, affirmative action, and anti-discrimination policies, particularly in education and employment. The seminar was open only to invited participants and “observers” to ensure the highest level of dialogue among the gathered experts. The inaugural seminar also generated ideas for future program initiatives.

Alison Bernstein, Vice President of the Knowledge, Creativity, & Freedom Program at the Ford Foundation, highlighted the “unprecedented comparative approach of this seminar, convening scholars and policy makers from both countries to examine policy initiatives to combat ethnic inequality and social exclusion.”

Panel topics included: Identifying the Categories for Discrimination and Antidiscrimination: Race, Class, Religion; The Measurement of Discrimination; The Process of Employment Discrimination; Segregation, Education, and Institutions; Assessing “Color-Blind” Alternatives to Affirmative Action in Higher Education; Policy Perspectives on Affirmative Action in France and the United States.


Read the French-American Perspectives Report here