Emmanuel Saint-Martin

Born in France, Emmanuel Saint-Martin started his career as a journalist in Paris, becoming a reporter for the weekly magazine Le Point.

There he covered a range of topics, from doping in sports to education, before he was assigned to the international desk. He covered several conflicts, from Afghanistan to Iraq for 5 years.

He moved to New York in 2004 to follow his wife who worked at the United Nations. In 2006 he started to work as New York and UN correspondent for France 24, a news channel. A few months later, he founded French Morning as a “side project”. Since the, it has become the first webmagazine for the French American community, with 6 editions in the US.

Emmanuel is a frequent guest on American media (CNN, Charlie Rose Show, The Brian Lehrer Show, etc) to comment on French current affairs. He has published several books in French, including “L’Arrogance Française” (2003) and “Et surtout n’en parlez à personne ; l’Affaire Madoff” (2009).