Gift Acceptance Policy

Gift Acceptance Policy

1. The French-American Foundation (the “Foundation”) solicits and accepts gifts that are consistent with its mission and that support its core programs, as well as special projects.

2. Donations and other forms of support will generally be accepted from individuals, partnerships, corporations, foundations, government agencies, or other entities, subject to the following limitations:

a. The Foundation prohibits gifts made with the purpose of influencing the selection of participants in the Young Leaders program, Transatlantic Forum, or any other Foundation initiative.

3. Gifts of Real Property, Personal Property, or Securities may only be accepted upon approval of the Executive Committee and Executive Director.

4. The Foundation reserves the right to refuse or return gifts containing restrictions that are inconsistent with the Foundation’s purpose or that the Foundation otherwise deems inappropriate.

5. It is generally the donor’s responsibility to determine the necessity of an appraisal of a proposed gift and to secure any appraisal. It is also the donor’s responsibility to secure independent legal, tax, financial, and estate advice for any gift to the Foundation. The Foundation will not act as advisor to any donor in any of these respects, although the Foundation will work with a donor’s advisors in furtherance of approved gifts, as appropriate.

6. All restricted gifts must be governed by a written agreement executed by the donor and the Foundation.

7. Gifts of personal property may be accepted as long as the property fulfills the mission of the Foundation or can readily be liquidated to produce cash. In rare instances, the Foundation may accept gifts of real estate. The Foundation may require that the donor take certain steps prior to the Foundation’s accepting any real property as a gift, such as, by way of example, providing the Foundation with a qualified appraisal, results of a title search, recent tax statements, and tax maps, all at the donor’s expense; disclosing any carrying costs, including maintenance, insurance, or other fees; and allowing representatives of the Foundation to perform site inspections resulting in satisfactory evaluations.