2017 Winners

Winner, Prix Cercle des médias (French)

Emmanuel Haddad

French-Lebanese journalist based for four years in Beirut, Lebanon. Emmanuel Haddad publishes written reports for French media such as La Croix, Le Monde Diplomatique and We Demain; Swiss media like Sept, Le Courrier and La Cité; radio stations like Deutsche Welle and Radio Télévision Suisse (RTS).

He made his first steps in journalism as a radio journalist for Radio Orient, before becoming the French editor of the European webmagazine cafebabel. In 2011, he became a freelance journalist in Barcelona, Spain, in the middle of the Spanish economic crisis and the social movement of the Indignados. There, for one year, he followed the daily life of African immigrants struggling to survive as informal scrap merchants in the outskirts of the Mediterranean city.

In 2012, he moved in Niamey, Niger, from where he observed the Subsaharian migrants’ wave on their way to Europe, as well as Nigerien returnees from Libya, in the aftermath of the conflicts in Libya and in Mali. In 2013, he moved to Lebanon, from where he covered the Syrian refugee crisis in the country, as well as the human and social impact of the Syrian conflict in the region. In 2014, he received a grant from the University of Florence, Italy, to follow a Syrian refugee on his way to Europe. In October 2016, he spent a month in Somaliland to cover the multifaceted migrant issue in this self-proclaimed State, surrounded by countries in conflict such as Ethiopia, Yemen and Somalia.


Winner, Immigration Journalism Prize (English)

Seth Freed Wessler

Seth Freed Wessler is a New York-based reporter and a Puffin Foundation Fellow with the Investigative Fund at the Nation Institute. He has reported for NBC News, The Nation, ProPublica, This American Life, Reveal and Colorines.com, among other outlets.

Seth worked as a staff reporter for NBC and for Colorlines and has been a Soros media fellow, a visiting Scholar at NYU’s Arthur Carter Journalism Institute and a Logan Nonfiction Fellow at the Carey Institute for Global Good.

He was awarded the Hillman Prize, the Izzy Award for outstanding achievement in independent media, and the Society of American Business Editors and Reporters investigative prize, among other awards. Seth’s work on immigration enforcement, the safety net, and federal prisons has spurred reforms in federal law enforcement policy, the passage of state legislation to protect the rights of immigrants, and legal action against corporate wrongdoing.


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