The French-American Foundation–United States and its international jury have selected eight talented journalists from more than 150 applicants for the program’s second year. To read more about our 2013 Journalism Fellows, click on the links in red below.

  • Amy Bracken, of Boston, is covering the human impact of detaining more than 10,000 asylum seekers in the United States every year. Her story will be broadcast on PRI’s The World.
  • Annie Correal, of New York, is focusing on the lives of “disaster migrants” who trail natural and manmade disasters like oil spills and chemical leaks. Her story is expected to be broadcast on This American Life and Radio Ambulante.
  • David Dieudonné, of Paris, will compare the French and American models of immigration by examining the experiences of Algerians who migrate to each country. His story should appear in Le Monde.
  • Ian Gordon, of Oakland, plans to examine the trauma endured by children during and after their experiences crossing into the border of the United States. His story is expected to appear in Mother Jones.
  • Damaso Reyes, of Brooklyn, is reporting on the experiences of Europeans of Turkish descent who return to Turkey for better prospects. His story will appear in Forbes.
  • Stefania Rousselle and Maïa de La Baume, of Paris, will examine the fate of Senegalese women whose husbands have disappeared at sea. Their story is expected to appear in The New York Times.
  • Bill Wheeler, of Laguna Beach, will look at the lessons learned from Ecuador’s open-border policy. His story should appear in TheAtlantic.com.

For more information about the program, click here or contact Thibault Chareton, Program Officer at [email protected].