Urban and Social Policy Crowdsourcing Exercise

To Participate in the Crowdsourcing Exercise, please click here.

The Urban and Social Policy Team of the French-American Foundation has invited almost 3,000 experts across the United States to participate in a crowdsourcing exercise. The aim is to identify clearly defined U.S. urbanism and social problems that French-based practitioners could help resolve. Participating experts are drawn from local and federal government, charitable foundations, the private sector, nonprofits, academia and journalism. 

We asked participants the following question:
If you could problem-solve/brainstorm one specific cities-related question with your French counterpart, what would it be?

 Next Steps

Results from the crowdsourcing will be published shortly. For more information about this initiative, please contact Dr. Gareth PottsSenior Fellow, at gpotts@frenchamerican.org. Click below to read more about how the crowdsourcing will be taken forward and how crowdsourcing participants can stay involved.  


Stage II: Refining the crowdsourcing report

The crowdsourcing results will be taken forward by thematic panels of high-level U.S.-based experts who will further refine, and prioritize, the crowdsourced questions.

The panels will largely consist of those who participated in the crowdsourcing.

Stage III: Identifying French practice that may help address U.S. issues

Later in the Summer, the Foundation team will use the refined document to identify French experts.

The team will then pass on (short English language) summaries of prospective best practices to the panelists – who will advise on the appropriateness of the cases and raise any questions they have about the examples.

Stage IV: Report on French practices

The Foundation team will then procure a series of short chapters written primarily by French practitioners.

The resulting English-language work will be launched as a report in New York in Winter 2016/17. All crowdsourcing participants and panelists will receive copies and an invitation to the launch.

Stage V: Knowledge Exchange Program

Next year, the Foundation will look to develop deeper knowledge exchanges – with the best practices identified in the report as the central focus. Crowdsourcing participants and panelists are welcome to be involved in shaping that exchange.

If you are an invited participant and still have not submitted your response, please click here. For more information, please contact Dr. Gareth Potts, Senior Fellow, at gpotts@frenchamerican.org.


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