Urban and Social Policy Crowdsourcing Exercise

Challenges For U.S. Citites 

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Response from the Mayor of Baltimore (excerpted from report) 

While I never discount homegrown answers to these problems, I also want to know the best practices from around the Country and from around the world. When running a City, there is no pride of authorship. I want to know what works and I want to implement what works. Period.

That is why I truly appreciate this report and was very happy to see that Baltimore had such great participation in its survey... I’m really looking forward to reading some of the responses to these issues from our French counterparts. Moreover, I am also eager to reciprocate in the follow up report that presents U.S. solutions to French challenges. While Baltimore has many issues, we also have many successes that I would love to highlight and share with others.

I am a strong believer in this type of mutual collaboration and I hope to learn from you all as well as share these experiences for years to come.

Catherine E. Pugh
City of Baltimore, Maryland  

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