November 7th, 2012

Annual Gala

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Suzi Winson-Chapin, Allan Chapin, the Honorable Henry Kissinger, Marie-Noëlle Pierce, and Maurice Greenberg
François Delattre, French Ambassador to the United States
French-American Foundation President Charles Kolb
The honorable James G. Lowenstein delivering his tribute to Elizabeth Fondaras
Bill Keller presents the Vergennes Achievement Award to Stacy Schiff
Pulitzer Prize-winning author Stacy Schiff
Bill Keller, Stacy Schiff, and Allan Chapin
The Honorable John Heimann, Leonard Lauder, and Allan Chapin
Deborah Devedjian and Leah Pisar
Allan Chapin, Maurice Greenberg, and Henry Kissinger
The Honorable Elizabeth Bagley and Shannon Fairbanks
Leonard A. Lauder, Linda Johnson, Eric Mourlot, Dovile Drizyte and Daniel Rose