Partners' Events

The French-American Foundation regularly partners with peer institutions in the organization of events and encourages its members to attend such events that promote the mission of the French-American Foundation:

Mémorial de Verdun

Inauguration of the renovated Memorial - February 21, 2016




The French-American Foundation is proud to support the efforts of the Mémorial de Verdun, as it inaugurates the renovated Memorial on February 21, 2016, and prepares for the Official launch of the WWI Centennial commemoration of the battle of Verdun on May 29, 2016. As we recognize the centennial anniversary of this important moment in French-American partnership, we encourage you to learn more about how to get involved and support the efforts to commemorate the First World War, which saw thousands of French and American soldier fight and die alongside one another as a vital moment in the transatlantic alliance. This most recent newsletter describes the significance of American war activities in France preceding the official U.S. entry into the war in 2017.

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