Myrto Tripathi

New Builds Reactors, Offer Director, AREVA

Myrto is New Builds Offer Director in charge of the promotion and sale of the EPR™ 3rd generation nuclear reactor within AREVA, world lead supplier to the civil nuclear industry. She is today working with Sweden, after having held different positions within AREVA all directed towards international markets and partners: from Advisor to the Senior Exec. VP of the Mining, Chemistry and Enrichment division, to Director of Market Strategy for the Fuel Assemblies Design and Fabrication division, to Sales manager and lead negotiator for the full range of nuclear fuel products and services to India. 

In 2013-2014, Myrto is attending the French Institute of Higher Studies of National Defense (IHEDN), a program under the patronage of the French Prime Minister, for high-end professionals, public servants and military thought to be in strategic positions to positively influence France’s position in the world.

Myrto holds two degrees: a bachelor of science in Industrial Engineering from NC State University (Raleigh, NC) and a Business Management Masters degree from Europe’s top graduate Business School, HEC Paris. In HEC, she was selected for the excellence program “Entrepreneur” as her specialization year, which allowed her to experience first-hand the full life cycle of small and medium companies. 

Born and raised in Paris, where she today works and resides, Myrto comes from a multicultural family (Indo-Greek background), has lived before secondary school in different European countries and travels extensively for personal and professional reasons.

Myrto’s personal interests range from running, biking and practicing all kinds of dances, to developing her interest in international affairs, sustainable development as well as environmental and gender gap issues. These interests she puts in practice though active participation in several NGOs, notably as a writer in HEC Women Alumni paper, a mentor in “Nos Quartiers ont Du Talent” and a board member of the Club 21ème siècle – action tank advocating and supporting the positive role of diversity in society.

During her years on campus, besides participating in other student organizations such as the Art Films Student Board, Myrto founded Engineers without Borders, a student organization based on the existing French model that has been since then successfully merged with EWB-US.