Social & Urban Policy

The Foundation has organized a wide range of programs that explore issues related to social and urban policy - covering such issues as education, immigration, equality of opportunity, urban planning and sustainability, and public health.


Urban and Social Policy Crowdsourcing Exercise

In 2016, the French-American Foundation invited almost 3,000 experts from across the United States to participate in a crowdsourcing exercise to identify clearly defined American urban and social problems that French-based practitioners could help resolve.  Participating experts came from local and federal government, charitable foundations, the private sector, nonprofits, academia and journalism.        
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Sustainable Cities

From 2011 to 2013, the French-American Foundation, in partnership with the French Ministry of Culture and Communication, organized a reciprocal exchange program on the question of sustainable cities for French and American professionals. Over the course of the three years, the program examined several facets of urban sustainability: environmental factors were considered alongside the role of culture, economic development, social cohesion, and the promotion of equal opportunity. Read more here


Equality of Opportunity

The French-American Foundation’s Equality of Opportunity Media Library is a multimedia resource center focusing on anti-discrimination issues. Made possible by the support of the Ford Foundation, this “digital library” brings a unique, comparative perspective on issues of discrimination and equal opportunity in France and the United States. The digital library features print, audio, and video content, in particular—interviews of French and American anti-discrimination experts, as well as clips from documentaries that shed light on “real-life stories." This digital library is accessible in both French and English and provides a platform for information and dialogue. 

Early Childhood Education

The issue of early childhood education has garnered significant attention and support among a growing number of leaders in the United States. As leaders and policymakers nationwide begin to address key questions regarding cost, funding, quality, and accessibility, the French-American Foundation highlights its more than twenty years of nonpartisan research on France’s system of comprehensive child and family services that includes one of the world’s best public preschool systems. Our reports describe the keys to France’s success and present recommendations for implementing the best and most relevant aspects of France’s early childhood programs within an American context. Read the reports here.