June 2012


Webinar: France’s shift to the left and the prospects for change


The French-American Foundation welcomed Christopher Dickey, Paris Bureau Chief of Newsweek magazine, for a webinar to discuss the new balance of political power and how the new French government promises to change the political life and policies of France and Europe. Mr. Dickey explored a number of topics, including the economy, France's international policy, and social issues.

With the slogan "le changement, c'est maintenant," François Hollande became last month the first Socialist president of France since François Mitterrand left office in 1995. Amid economic turmoil and uncertainty, change has indeed swept French politics and the balance of power both internally and abroad. After the French Senate majority was taken in September 2011 by the Socialist Party and its allies on the left for the first time since the beginning of the Fifth Republic in 1958, the Socialist Party took control of the National Assembly on June 17.