September 2012


Waging War on Corruption


Frank Vogl, co-founder of Transparency International, discussed his brand-new book “Waging War on Corruption” and talked about challenges facing France, Europe and the United States and the progress of the anti-corruption movement.


The French-American Foundation welcomed Frank Vogl, co-founder of Transparency International, to speak as part of the French-American Luncheon series. From money laundering to corrupt foreign business practices to forming alliances with corrupt foreign bodies, Vogl explored a gamut of issues facing France and the United States and described the efforts to address them, as he does in his brand-new book, to be released later this month. 

Frank Vogl is a co-founder and former Vice Chairman of Transparency International, the global anti-corruption organization operating in 100 countries; co-founder and vice chairman of the Partnership for Transparency Fund; president of Vogl Communications, Inc. in Washington, D.C.; member of the advisory councils of the New Israel Fund, the United Nations Association of the Greater Washington Area and Transparency International. 

Vogl, former international economics correspondent of The Times of London and former chief spokesman at the World Bank, writes and lectures extensively on international economic developments and global corruption.

In Waging War on Corruption: Inside the Movement Fighting the Abuse of Power, Vogl combines analysis of the major issues, with unique insights into the work of anti-corruption civil society organizations. When Vogl and a small group of friends founded Transparency International in 1993, there were very few national anti-corruption organizations, few academics studying the problem, no international conventions against this crime, and no laws in Europe that banned corporate payments of bribes to foreign officials. The World Bank and the United Nations refused to recognize the curse of graft, let alone do anything about it. 

Vogl's book explains the considerable changes since 1993, why there have been such dramatic positive developments and why, right now, we may well have reached a tipping point in the long battle against bribe-payers and bribe-takers. The book is an insider's account of the battles, the fighters, the villains and their victims.

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