November 2011


Sustainable Cities Study Tour: U.S. Cities

In partnership with the French Ministry of Culture and Communication and with the support of the Florence Gould Foundation, the French-American Foundation conducted its first study tour in 2011 focused on the topic of Sustainable Cities. French experts on urban development and sustainability spent five days in Washington D.C., Baltimore and Cleveland to examine these specific questions: the rehabilitation of rundown neighborhoods, the revitalization of inner cities and the right-sizing of cities in decline. A subsequent study tour in France was organized in December for U.S. experts.

This marked the first year of a three-year transatlantic exchange program organized with the French Ministry of Culture gathering specialists from a wide range of disciplines – urban planning, academia, policymaking, and architecture – to discuss French and American approaches to urban planning and sustainability. Please click here for more information on the French-American Foundation’s Sustainable Cities initiative.


Washington, D.C.
Baltimore, MD
Cleveland, OH

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