December 2011


Mayors’ Institute on City Design

The French-American Foundation partnered with Columbia University, the New York City Mayor's Office and the Regional Plan Association to host the Mayors’ Institute on City Design East 2011 Conference.

Joining this initiative in its 25th year, the French-American Foundation brought French and European leaders and experts in urban planning to this annual discussion. For a quarter century, the Mayors’ Institute on City Design has provided a forum for mayors to engage leading design experts to find solutions to critical urban design challenges facing their cities.

In addition to the closed-door sessions for the participating American mayors, events were organized for a larger audience on the topics of: "How are Cities Designed?" and "Urban Catalysts." Cas Holloway, New York City Deputy Mayor, and David Bragdon, New York City Director of Long-Term Planning, participated in the conference as representatives the host city.

Participating European mayor and experts:

  • Vincent Feltesse, Mayor of Blanquefort, France, and President of the Urban Community of Bordeaux
  • Kristaan Borret, Chief Architect of Antwerp, Belgium
  • Paolo Pietrogrande, President of Netplan Sustainable Urban Energy Management
  • Stéphane Quéré, Senior Vice President of Sustainable Urbanization at GDF Suez

Participating U.S. mayors:

  • Bernard Carvalho, Kauai, Hawaii 
  • Roy Gold, Coral Springs, Florida
  • Jennifer Hosterman, Pleasanton, California 
  • Thomas Roach, White Plains, New York 
  • Robert Sabonjian, Waukegan, Illinois
  • Dawn Zimmer, Hoboken, New Jersey 

Columbia University, New York, NY

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