March 2012


Discussion "For a Global Equality": District Architecture Center in Washington D.C.


The Foundation partnered with the French-American Global Forum and the Alliance Française – Washington DC  for a discussion on “Global Equality.” The discussion was moderated by Harvey Feigenbaum, Professor of Political Science and International Affairs at the Elliott School.

Speakers included: Serge Halimi, Director of Le Monde Diplomatique, Charles Kolb, President of the Committee for Economic Development, Charles Kupchan, Senior Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations and Professor of International Affairs at Georgetown University, and Anne-Cécile Robert, Editor of Le Monde Diplomatique. Romuald Sciora, Founder & Director of the French-American Global Forum, introduced the panel. This conference marked the opening of the exhibition “Another Way of Viewing the World: Le Monde Diplomatique 1954-2012,” which displays 58 years of front pages of the French monthly, with the participation of artist Anthony Bannwart.