October 2015


Bilingual Education Fair


Bilingual education is booming! More and more parents understand the benefits of a bilingual education for their children. More and more options are now available all over the city, in both private and public education. The French-American Foundation is proud to serve as a Gold Sponsor for the Bilingual Education Fair, organized by the webmagazine French Morning. In its second year, the fair is the premier event for all interested in this movement that’s changing the face of so many schools in the city and the country.

The event is geared toward parents who can meet all the actors of the bilingual education community in a single space. The exhibitors (schools, publishers, education businesses…) all practice and promote bilingual education in all languages (French, Spanish, Chinese, Italian, German, Korean, Japanese, Arabic, Hebrew, etc).

Tickets for the Bilingual Education Fair can be purchased at bilingualfair.org.

In conjunction with the Bilingual Fair 2015, the French-American Foundation is sponsoring two panel discussions:

A Revolution: How Technology is Changing Language Learning

11:15 am – 12:15pm

In the 21st century, technology has become a reigning trope, impacting almost every facet of our lives. Language learning is no different: digital technology is changing what it means to learn and know a language today. The internet and digital tools provides language learners access a range of programs and resources, facilitating not only the acquisition of grammatical rules but also access to authentic texts as well as more advanced speakers of the language.

Victor Frank, Managing Director Overseas Language Flagship and NSEP-funded Programs, American Councils for International Education
Richard Kern, Professor and Director of the Berkeley Language Center, University of California Berkeley
Anna-Caroline Prost, Language Lecturer of French, New York University
Margarita Ribas Groeger, Senior Lecturer in Spanish and Director of the Spanish Language Program, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

A Discussion on Intercultural Competence

3:45 pm – 4:30 pm

In a world marked by fluid borders, we more and more come across people from different backgrounds, cultures, creeds, and religions in our daily personal and professional lives. The need to be interculturally competent is increasingly important. Intercultural competence is a set of skills and abilities that allow us to successfully communicate and interact with others from a range of backgrounds and cultures. What exactly intercultural competence entails as well as how we cultivate this in ourselves and in our children have become important questions as we move forward in the 21st century.

Sabine Levet, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Shirley Velasquez, Director of Content, Latina magazine, Latina.com and The Latin Kitchen, also an expert on pop culture and Hispanic content and the author of Global Girls children’s book series.


Hunter College,  695 Park Ave (68th St & Lexington), New York, NY