Hillary Clinton with French preschool students

Early Childhood Education

As President Barack Obama and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio are among a growing number of leaders nationwide to call for universal pre-kindergarten education, the issue of early childhood education has garnered significant attention and support, as well as spurred debate. As U.S. leaders and policymakers begin to address key questions regarding cost, funding, quality, and accessibility, the French-American Foundation highlights its more than twenty years of nonpartisan research on France’s system of comprehensive child and family services that includes one of the world’s best public preschool systems. Our reports describe the keys to France’s success and present recommendations for implementing the best and most relevant aspects of France’s early childhood programs within an American context.


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Briefs & Reports

The French-American Foundation produces a wide array of publications, from comprehensive, full-length reports that present the findings of our annual programs, to more concise policy briefs tackling specific questions in short-form format.


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